Friday, July 29, 2011

Paper-Source Atlanta

I'm back in Atlanta with Cam as it is our Anniversary weekend, we'll be celebrating five years this Monday. We kicked things off with my first ever visit to Paper-Source.  We were in there just shy of two hours and had a ball.  I knew I wanted something, but I'm a very slow shopper and finally found the perfect thing, and several oddities and pretties in between.  
One of the shopkeepers, a girl a few years older than me named Joey, had graduated from Brenau!  We had a nice little chat about school and how much we loved paper.  Ahh...kindred spirits can be found everywhere.  
Cam was a little drained after all the fun we had in Paper-Source (I was pretty exhausted, too) and I treated us to some Karibou Coffee, a first for both of us.  DELISH.  Cam got a large White Snickerdoodle Cooler topped with bits of snickers and I sipped on a small Milk Mint Chocolate Cooler topped with Andes mints.
So many of my favorite things: Sock monkeys, paper and costumed animals!
A picture of a tree inside said "All my friends are end tables."  
Another illustration of a baker said "All my friends are bread."
Cam really liked Today is Super.  
I loved this Japanese print calendar Cam found for me.  
It's definitely a runner up for my Christmas present.
Wanted to bring this back and have it framed for Theta Xi.  
(Their mascot is the unicorn.)
Cam: "What is this?"
"Oh my gosh, it's a pencil sharpener!!!!"
Lamb Chop!
My purchase!
I cleaned them out of their Bunny Calling Cards.  I haven't saved up the money to make my own business cards yet, and still haven't decided on a design.  But I continue to have people ask for my info, and I continue to meet awesome artists and interesting people whom I'd like to keep in contact with.  Problem solved.  
This is one of my favorite buildings; I wish I could go closer without being creepy. 
 Unfortunately, it's a funeral home.

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