Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peach Pit Stop

In South Carolina we stopped at Abbott Farm's Stand to pick up some fireworks and peaches.
I was so happy that we were buying local, and the peaches were great!
These were super-duper long sparklers, which are some of my favorites.
Snap n' Poppers are a Siegfried Specialty.
The gentleman selling us fireworks was such a nice guy.  He threw in a free pack of rockets when we bought a jumbo pack, and offered plenty of advice.  
"No, you won't like those.  They just shoot in the air, no color or nothing.  You'd like these better, they spark and make noise."
The boys were thrilled.
I really wanted to grab some colored smoke bombs, they would have made some awesome photos.
This one made me laugh.
Mom treated us to fancy drinks.  I grabbed orange cream soda, Fletcher got Abbott Farms Peach and Grant drank Diet Cheerwine.  We each got a different flavor so that we could sample each other's. 
They were all delicious.

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