Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Morning Browse

I've started to ease my way into working the 5AM shipment shift at Old Navy, because I'd like to work it regularly during the school year to have some extra mula (I felt that it needed an "h" but the dictionary disagrees).  
Well, I got up at 3AM, did yoga for half an hour, got ready and had a long leisurely breakfast.  
If I'm going to get up early, I might as well make it a treat, rather than a scramble.  
I clocked out at 9:30 and headed to the Publix Pharmacy to have a prescription filled.  I had to wait, so I wandered around the floral department.  
I love flowers.  A lot.  In a very deep, sincere, warm way.  
Seeing them always makes me smile and come closer.  
My dad has a large garden and will pick them for me or my mom to surprise us, and I always arrange bouquets we receive. 
 So when I found some begonias in my heated, blushing shades, checked the price ($3.47!) and called Cam to google how difficult it would be for me to kill them, I purchased my Rieger Begonias.  I gave the other sad flowers some photo love.  I couldn't take them all home. 
I choose you, Pikachu.

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