Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jim LePage & the "Word"

I discovered designer Jim LePage today and was so inspired by his project that I had to post immediately.
Jim struggled with regularly reading his bible, and "studying" it, and decided to brainstorm other ways to read the word by making it an activity that he enjoyed. 
Thus the "Word" project was born. 
Here's what he has to say:
"Basically, Word is a series where I create original designs for each book of the Bible. Before each design, I spend time researching the book, finding out the themes, historical context, weirdest stories, etc. I also scan through parts of the book looking for a passage or story that could translate into a cool design. Each design isn’t meant to completely represent the book, rather it is merely based on a passage from the book."
As an artist, I truly identified with Jim's desire to utilize his talents to glorify the Lord.  
Enjoy some of these images and be sure to check out his blog, which he adds images to regularly.

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