Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fifth Anniversary Surprise

"Romantic" has never really been in mine and Cam's collective vocabulary.  
So when he used the word to describe the surprise he had in store for me Saturday night, I was incredibly excited and intrigued.  
I was told to dress up and keep out of Theta Xi's kitchen while he cooked. 
All the guys teased me because they knew what Cam was cooking up for the evening and I didn't.  
But I'm no secret sniffer.  
I just grinned and giggled and tapped my toes expectantly as I tried to concentrate on the tv or my book.
Finally, he met me at the door with a tray covered in mysteriously tin-foiled food and told me to hop in the car.  
We drove for a much shorter distance than I'd imagined, parking on the opposite side of GA Tech's campus.  
It was twilight, the perfect time of day, no longer hot, but not yet chilly. 
I was led, eyes closed, up, up, up many stairs.  
We finally stopped and Cam had me wait while he made rustling noises.  
I clenched my fists and thanked God for whatever was about to happen and for the many things that had already happened these past five years.
The rustlings stopped.
Then he took my hand and told me to open my eyes. 


  1. Sweetest thing ever. Love the lights.

  2. Thanks. We had a lot of fun tinkering with the shutter speed and standing on our chairs.

  3. What a beautiful surprise!!! The photos are so pretty and romantic. Happy belated anniversary to you, Rachel!



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